MP #12, Massive Brand Update, Commentary + Video Game Copywriting!

Producing MP Issue #12, our thirteenth print edition, was an extremely challenging period for me and the team over at Monthly Puroresu. We lost some longstanding team members, and I […]

The Esports life. It’s been real.

And… that’s a wrap! A recent reorg reduced much of the Marketing team over at PlayVS. With a new VP of Marketing in place, I can’t wait to see what’s […]

Working in esports has been a blast.

I had been out of the copywriting game for some time before I got a banger of an offer from PlayVS, one of the hottest esports platforms going – our CEO, […]

Fall 2020 College Fortnite Championship Round Up

In an epic two-day battle with $100k at stake, one team earned bragging rights Originally published at A new championship trio was crowned in the Fall 2020 PlayVS College […]

PlayVS esports is Next Level stuff… And I get to write about it.

My old colleague from Fair, Ryan Le, must be doing some amazing things on the engineering side of PlayVS esports platform because 200+ colleges and high schools in over half […]

How My Old-School Ride Broke Me

Driving Until The Wheels Fall Off Costs More Than You Think I was raised to believe that buying a car and driving it until the proverbial wheels fall off is […]

How A Car Can Recession-Proof You

Economically speaking, things are clicking for a good number of Americans.  While the average millennial like me might not be lounging in a McMansion or staked out in the skyrocketing stock market, employment opportunities […]

Surviving The Gig Economy

Bank Cash and Avoid Debt As A Freelancer The gig economy. Depending on your perspective, it’s either here to stay forever or it never even happened at all. However you view the label itself, […]

10 Road Movies For Winter Blues

These Cinematic Journeys Can Add Some Summer To Your New Year Feeling cooped-up after a holiday spent amid winter’s tragically limited color scheme? Finding yourself in the middle of a […]

My Car Loan Nightmare

A Temporary Employer Insisted I Get an Auto Loan. The Damage Was Quite Permanent. In my first autumn out of college, I got a job working for the campaign of […]