In addition to publishing Monthly Puroresu Issue #11 (ft. queen of joshi wrestlers KAIRI on the cover and an exclusive interview with WWE hall of famer Madusa), I flew back to Tokyo for a week. MP has gone from a passion project to a legitimate LLC with contracts in three short years, also earning me a live sports commentator opportunity in March (more below).

Somehow, between producing the magazine and flying out to Japan, I also managed to take on more freelance clients for copywriting (Pelican Products, Nexon) in addition to driving Uber on the weekends. My goal for the back half of 2023 is to find an org who can put these talents to use on a more full-time basis, but in the meantime I count my blessings while so many people are struggling amidst tech layoffs.

Back in Japan, I worked backstage at Yokohama Arena for the second time in three months – this time at STARDOM Allstar Grand Queendom – where I met MP cover star KAIRI, along with other top talents who were happy to put a face to the MP brand they’ve come to know through social media.

Right before departing, I shipped my last print copy of Issue #11:

The live SNS coverage I provided from Yokohama was the most-engaged content I or my team has ever produced on social media at Monthly Puroresu.

My sports broadcasting opportunity with FiteTV came alongside former WWE commentator Jonny Loquasto. Loquasto was the play by play to my color commentary for Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling’s sold out “Live in LA” pay-per-view. It was the first time their roster had ever traveled to and put on a show in America, and it was a massive success from both a broadcasting standpoint and from the perspective of moving the wrestling zeitgeist.

A few of my calls:

I look forward to ring announcing and continuing my commentary work at a new startup, Spark Joshi Puroresu, who is bringing many Japanese wrestlers I’ve met in Tokyo and LA for their inaugural event in the San Gabriel Valley. If you want to know more on why I think this work is so culturally important, head to and read my latest op-ed in Monthly Puroresu Special Edition ’23 – REGION BREAK.

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