A Drink for the Writing Man

Monthly Puroresu Issue 7 clocked in at 32 pages, coming together much more quickly this time. A big reason for it? I’ve got a core group of regular contributors, many of whom I’ve trained alongside SEO Copywriter Steven R. Jackson who I’ve taken pride in mentoring the past two years.

Under my guidance, Steven was able to help our social media audience grow 10x to nearly 12,500 followers, and used his experience at MP to get a dayjob at Hallmark UK as a copywriter. Steven then secured higher pay at a Media Brands agency based in London. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we accomplished together, not just the back-end processes and content strategy, but also our growth as professionals. Steven has since passed on the torch to younger writers to help us into our 3rd year.

My regular staff writers have formed a strong, global team bond:

  • Trent Breward
  • James Carlin
  • Jamie Johnson
  • Colin McNeil
  • Nathan Sartain
  • Mitchell Adams

And as of this issue, I now work with five of the biggest wrestling promotions in Tokyo to produce exclusive English content. This has enabled me to begin production on an Oral History for the coming issue, which will include interviews with 9 inside sources close to one of the biggest stories in Japanese / American wrestling history.

Clearly, all this meant is that it was finally time to raise a glass with fellow Texan, Steve Austin.