In 2021, I grew my Twitter 10x to 5.5k followers from the previous winter. As the content resonated with people of mild celebrity and #YOLO hit, I launched a print magazine and formed a brand acting as both Creative Director and Content Strategist. With 12 part-time designers, writers & editors working for me to produce Monthly Puroresu, we earn 750k – 1mm impressions every month and sell out of the magazine regularly. Indie Printing in LA has partnered to produce 120 issues per quarter, and I have strategic partnerships in place with ad partners and Japanese Entertainment executives.

In 2020 I worked as a Content Strategist for Innocean Genesis throughout their Super Bowl campaign, configuring their Sprinklr environment and producing a sentiment analysis report while re-writing their social playbook – an evergreen document produced alongside the agency’s chief brand strategist for usage by all current and future social media managers to understand brand voice & tone and community engagement guidelines.

In 2019 I acted as Fair app’s Content Strategist. Our channel strategy, produced alongside R/GA, will be implemented in 2020. The team’s creative remains under review while Fair shifts its focus alongside SoftBank’s business objectives. I oversaw 200% follower growth, 2k monthly engagement and the social care team – which provided service to countless drivers.

In 2017 I acted as the Content Manager for the Sports Institute (UW Medicine). Our social strategy complemented our earned media mentions while highlighting the Institute’s advocacy, boosting awareness of the Department’s research using a channel strategy and content calendars approved by our Director and the Institute’s biggest donors, such as the National Football League.