As my staff at Monthly Puroresu bats around new ideas for Issue #11 to kick off our third year in print, I had the amazing opportunity in mid-January to work as an on-air personality for FiteTV reporting live from Yokohama Arena.

Making the leap from Print to Broadcast was an interesting experience, and being backstage with wrestlers from both Japan and America who knew of Monthly Puroresu was an experience I’ll never forget.

I also got to see in-person, for the first time ever, my mentor ā€“ wrestling historian and author Fumi Saito. In addition to both of our on-scene photographers in Japan, my friends Masahiro Kubota and Yuhiki Kuwahara.

It was an extraordinary week where I produced some of my best work to date, using Monthly Puroresu as both a digital and print platform to score some unique perspectives live on the scene in Tokyo.

Among the opportunities I’m most excited about is working further with Tokyo Joshi-Pro after visiting its founder & CEO, Tetsuya Koda, at his offices in Shinjuku, Tokyo. In fact I was so moved by the weeklong excursion that my next trip is already scheduled for April 17! More to come soon…