Japan Life and MP Acquired! What’s Next?

After four years, my side hustle turned small business turned globally recognized brand, Monthly Puroresu, has been acquired – freeing me up to pursue other interests. And, boy have I […]

More print journalism? Yes. On AI and Cybersecurity this time

As if everything else I produced in 2023 weren’t enough to satisfy my endless curiosity, I followed updates in the AI space rabidly, with surefire social ramifications set to come […]

First trip to Tokyo & FiteTV on-air personality

As my staff at Monthly Puroresu bats around new ideas for Issue #11 to kick off our third year in print, I had the amazing opportunity in mid-January to work […]

Monthly Puroresu Issue #6

A few incredible things happened with the release of my newest magazine, MONTHLY PURORESU: Tournament Edition. First my team was blessed with an insider look at the making of championship […]

Monthly Puroresu Issue #5

Pushing Things Forward Finding time for editorial direction while juggling our Special Edition page designs – and multiple Zoom interviews – was a tall task. But, my team came up […]

I launched a new website

Extremely proud of our new website, monthlypuroresu.com! I pored over aspects with the web devs that most Editorial guys would completely ignore; all that time spent with UX designers at R/GA and […]

Monthly Puroresu Issue #4

Designing both the business and publication of Monthly Puroresu ground-up has been both a joy and an insane learning lesson. BUT! Burning all that midnight oil and obsessing over editorial […]

Monthly Puroresu Issue #2

Riding the wave into a second run Two steps forward, one step back: While I sharpened my design skills on this publishing, def could’ve done a lot better as Editor. […]

President Obama’s economic legacy is one of ups and downs

When Donald Trump campaigned as a brash billionaire willing to drain the swamp in D.C. in order to “Make America Great Again,” he knew that he’d hit a nerve early […]

TBT: Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009

Before a smartphone was put in every person’s hands and the economy had recovered, way back when wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were still raging and we were all hopeful that […]