As if everything else I produced in 2023 weren’t enough to satisfy my endless curiosity, I followed updates in the AI space rabidly, with surefire social ramifications set to come out of the emerging industry that has enriched many on Wall Street, and cost thousands of job layoffs, with promises of a better tomorrow – or certain doom, depending on who you ask.

Bring out the fedora, right?

I went straight to work talking to experts in the intelligence and A.I. communities, which included discussion with CEOs who supply Elon Musk’s space satellite and network security along with former State Department officials, artificial intelligence ethicists and more.

My second article for Via Satellite magazine, focused on cybersecurity solutions, was published in October. You can read both over at Via Satellite’s website:

Next-Generation Cybersecurity Defenses Coalesce for Space Systems

Experts are optimistic about the future of cybersecurity as it relates to space, despite growing concern over the modern threat environment.

Space Tech and AI: How ChatGPT is Just the Beginning

Experts imagine what artificial intelligence could mean for the future of satellites, space entrepreneurship, and government defense systems.