Riding the wave into a second run

Two steps forward, one step back: While I sharpened my design skills on this publishing, def could’ve done a lot better as Editor. That being said all my staff writers and I are very of proud how Issue No. 2 of Monthly Puroresu came together. Two new writers joined our original staff, and they surprised me by developing important sources within the Japanese wrestling community.

And I’m happy to say we’ve enjoyed amazing support on social media as our first-of-its kind English language Otaku magazine continues discovering a product market fit.

I also branched into paid sponsorships with international athleisure brands (GRAPS Apparel; Thirteen10; Brainbuster tees) and indie game studios while incorporating content share agreements (The Wrestling Estate; RavenStarMMA) after reviewing our partners’ audience and site metrics. And we’re all glad to have grown in parallel the past couple months!

To support, check our BigCartel. We just received the second run of Issue #1, which covers the biggest summer puro stories and includes my interview with TJ Perkins: