Pushing Things Forward

Finding time for editorial direction while juggling our Special Edition page designs ā€“ and multiple Zoom interviews ā€“ was a tall task. But, my team came up with some great article ideas, and I was lucky to score some exclusive interviews through my growing Twitter presence. Our readers have provided a ton of valuable feedback on the magazine and our new website.

I also scored an advertisement deal with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and exclusive comments from their President, Takami Ohbari, through a diligent relationship built around content sharing. The ad appeared both on the Monthly Puroresu website and in print, helping to promote their return to live events in Los Angeles.

The issue launch was successful in other ways as well. I was able to secure our first physical retail presence set up in Chatsworth, CA at We Can Be Heroes Comics, a popular comic book shop with an incredible and deep inventory of American comic books. It’s popular with fans in the area not just for its selection of comics, but for autograph signings and TTRG enthusiasts.

Lastly, for Summer edition I launched our Shop page using WooCommerce Shop ā€“ a powerful, customizable e-commerce store, helping me keep the trains running on time and ensure our customers get the magazine in good timing. With metrics and analytics from our Shop page to go w/ the SproutSocial aggregate analytics, I hope these tools continue to help facilitate partnerships for Monthly Puroresu for years to come!