This election was a knockdown, drag out fight that seemed to engulf everyone around it — Americans from East to West weighed in on what was most important to them: Electing the first woman president, or maybe free college education, or even tax cuts.

Or, just the simple desire to work a good job.

Whatever was most important to you, it was probably no easy task to take to social media and voice an opinion. Inflamed by the opposition, it seemed like everyone was out to pick a fight. And if you’re like us, you are probably searching for ways to just detox.

Here’s a few to help get you started:



This browser extension works with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. You can hand pick select news sources, from cool UX design blogs to BBC Science to Big Picture Latest, which pairs worldly images with positive little tidbits of news. And the best part is, every single person on your friends’ list is blocked out from your newsfeed.

F.B. Purity


What a wonderful tool this turned out to be. You can take total control over the content of your feed by disabling autoplaying videos, hiding all photos and videos from the feed, hiding posts through keywords and phrases, expand the width of the News Feed column and hide trending topics and hashtags.

Friends Feed


Heck yeah. With this handy dandy tool, you can finally tune out of posts, people and subjects you never actively followed or friended. Within 20 seconds, you can adjust your Facebook to only see content from your friends or people you actually follow.