Well, now that famous women are stripping down buck naked in order to show their support for Hillary Clinton, it appears as if nothing is left for Decision 2016 to get any weirder. It follows a debate performance in which Donald Trump was called out for body shaming a former Miss Universe winner, a small part of a big debate that became a big story and has some legs — and continues to run.

Headed into that moment, Trump had erased Clinton’s lead in several battleground states, and even pulled ahead in a few of them.

However, everyone (with the exception the Trump campaign) saw Clinton win the debate in a yuuuge way at Hofstra University, and that could change poll numbers dramatically.

Especially when you consider all the crazy things that happened this week:

Those naked women we mentioned

Pop superstar Katy Perry and “Like A Virgin” singer Madonna have both gone bare in order to bring attention to the elections, and each of them supports Hillary Clinton knocking out Trump for a November win. It remains to be seen whether these are isolated incidents, or if it will become a trend like Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem.

And …this happened


Trump usually appears to enjoy when he makes the cover of a magazine, considering his office is covered with paraphernalia plastered with his face on it — and even bought a 6-foot tall painting bearing his likeness that he purchased with money for charity. But something tells us this week’s cover of the New Yorker won’t appease the showman’s vanity.

A few notes from Hill following her opponent’s Twitter tangent

In more signs that we are headed toward an Idiocracy, Trump took to twitter in the wee hours of the morning to express his continued disgust over the PR against his perceived misogyny. And as if to prove his detractors right in some way, he asked his millions of followers to view that former Miss Universe’s “sex tape and past.” Yeesh.




Another ‘Aleppo moment’ — really, Gary?

In a serious op-ed, the editorial board of Chicago Tribune endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson on Friday, but not before something a little unserious had happened. Chris Matthews began questioning the highest official in the land over his favorite world leader, and he couldn’t name a single one. Instead, he said, he’s having “another Aleppo moment.” But when the question of “stamina” came up at the presidential debates, we couldn’t help but think of Gov. Johnson. He has competed in 17 marathons, 4 Ironman Triathlons, has climbed the 7 Summits — including the highest peaks on each of the seven continents.

Taco trucks in Texas will double as voting booths

Flickr/Paul Sableman

Flickr/Paul Sableman

You might disagree with Trump’s views on immigration, or find that taco bowl tweet to be bad taste. And when a GOP leader warned of taco trucks on every corner if Hillary were elected, you may have even laughed. But some Houstonians are taking it one step further, and designating multiple taco trucks in the area as voting booths for Nov 8. Don’t forget to bring that hot sauce in your bag!