With the first presidential debate just around the corner on Monday, Sept. 26, it could not have been a more awkward week for the two major party candidates — and perhaps even more awkward for Gary Johnson, who is still polling at 8.9 percent nationally in spite of being stonewalled on his chance to duke it out with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Trump has regained his standing in the polls after a post-convention bounce showed Clinton with a double digit lead just a few weeks ago, leading even the most trusted data gurus in Washington to call the race all but over.

And, in case you might’ve forgotten, he tends to be really memorable in the debates.

So what happened this week that made it so crazy?

We’ve compiled a list, so that you’ll be prepared at the water cooler with your own fodder for debate ahead of the big night on Monday.

1. Hillary Clinton awkwardly shouts, ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead of Trump?’

Ever since her episode with pneumonia, Hillary has been having trouble re-connecting with mainstream America and doubling down on her forty-plus years of public service to take headlines back from Donald Trump. In an unfortunate tone reminding many voters of her elite status, she took to the cameras with a stone cold look in her eyes and demanded, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead …?”

2. An impersonation of Donald Trump by… the Dalai Lama?

Many people have made a mockery of Trump, which is understandable, as his larger-than-life persona has graced tabloid covers and television screens for the better part of four decades. No word if he has angered Trump and made an enemy, a turnout that might afford officials in Beijing and Trump one thing in common.

3. Mark Cuban gets a front row seat at the debates

He may be a reality TV star and a billionaire to boot, but those are the only two things Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has with GOP nominee Donald Trump. After trolling Trump on Twitter, Cuban was awarded by the Clinton campaign with a front row seat at the Sept. 26 debate. For those of you who are not basketball fans, Cuban has been known to get pretty rowdy on the front row at major events.

4. The very serious candidate Gary Johnson sticks his tongue out at a reporter


Following his “freaky deaky” moment with Samantha Bee, Gary Johnson campaigned with Bill Weld in an effort to make the 15 percent threshold required to make the presidential debates. It didn’t happen, and that’s something he admitted would pretty much end his chances. Perhaps that’s why Johnson is letting loose, as evidenced by his quirky reactions throughout an interview with NBC’s Kasie Hunt this week? What a guy.

5. Legendary boxing promoter Don King introduces Trump at black church

While continuing his outreach effort to black voters across the United States, Trump made a stop at a black church to tout his plan to increase opportunities across inner cities and in heavily minority communities. The man who introduced him? None other than controversial boxing promoter Don King, who even dropped the “N-word” while making his appeal to “sliding and gliding” voters who ought to consider electing the “brave” and “courageous” Trump.