My brainchild comes to life!

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been challenging myself in a myriad of ways. I was thinking – wow, it’s already been a year since my byline was published? Let me fix that real quick. So I set about creating a first-of-its kind English language Otaku magazine.

To build an audience, I grew my Twitter finsta from 60 O.G. friends to 3.5k followers organically, hired a team of professional creatives and got down & dirty with my new page design software. It was a a thrilling experience that revealed to me both my strengths and blind spots.

The result is something I’m very proud of, especially considering the reception of the magazine’s design, something I haven’t practiced in a hot minute. It was also very cool to interview former WWE champion (and New Japan stalwart) TJ Perkins who shared some amazing insights. And the best part is, throughout quarantine, I made real connections with photographers, fans and artists from Japan and around the world who shared their stories and thoughts on current events.

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