Celebrating two full years!

Halfway through 2022 and the magazine + media brand I founded, Monthly Puroresu, has experienced a ton of growth. One of the top promotions in Japan, STARDOM, now works with me directly on exclusive English content. Through translators in Tokyo, I conducted in-depth interviews with CEO Rossy Ogawa and wrestling star Giulia. Another big feature, my Oral History of New Japan of America’s Inoki Dojo. My work included 9 interviews and several months of research:

The Spring 2022 quarterly print edition was also our top-selling ever. I’ve been fortunate enough to hire help to run our e-commerce and daily social media accounts, leaving me with more free time to engage with our brand partners and 300+ customers, many of whom just want to talk shop and get to know us better.

Live Events

I also photographed more New Japan U.S. events during this issue release cycle, and accepted invitations to indie wrestling events from Long Beach, California to Nottingham, England where we merchandised the magazine and captured content ft. wrestlers coming from (and going to) Japan. Editing photos in Adobe Lightroom has become a new hobby, and I’m much more adept at it versus the sporadic pinch hitting I did as a photographer throughout various points of my career.

Thom Fain Yuya Uemura 2022

Through traveling with my camera, I’ve also been asked to give my opinion on talent evaluations – by consultants, and promoters, booking Japanese wrestlers in the United States for upcoming shows.

Earned Media Mentions

The new relationships I’ve built with this issue release cycle goes beyond promotors and PR teams! Content aggregators and legacy wrestling media org’s have now gotten to know Monthly Puroresu, and I’m proud to say several Web features I’ve published have been picked up as breaking news and widely circulated.