Feel the Bern, indeed. A massive spike in Googling recently shed light on the thinking of young progressives, who still find the prospects of another Clinton White House hard to stomach while remaining sullen over the loss of Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

According to USA Today, October was the hottest month for Googlers curious of  Sanders  “write-in” candidacy, and he was the top prospect for people searching “write-in” throughout 6 of 10 states.

That leaves many Democrats wondering what it would take to prevent third-party candidates and write-in ballots from throwing a wrench into their plans to elect Hillary Clinton.

Bernie or bust

It could pose more of a long-term problem for the Democrats if they’re unable to reach the well-educated portions of White America still reluctant to throw their support behind the party’s chosen candidate.



Echoing these sentiments is a New Hampshire 24-year-old who recently told CNN he’s not sure he’ll even vote.

“I could, at this point, care less if Hillary Clinton won or lost because I think that Donald Trump winning might actually be a wake-up call for the rest of the country, and a wake-up call for the Democratic Party.”

Our revolution

While Sanders has gifted his former primary opponent with an endorsement, warning holdouts that now is not the time for a protest vote — his organizational efforts have not resulted in a donor list for the Clinton campaign, and the Our Revolution remnants of his campaign are focused on this year’s down-ballot races.

Meanwhile, some holdouts have had the intention to make their voices heard by trying to push the vote to the floor of the House through making Sanders the victor in the state of Vermont through a write-in campaign.

There’s only one problem, Bernie Bros hoping for this scenario: Trump’s campaign has admittedly slumped far into second place as polls show Clinton pulling ahead in several key races.