A majority of Americans approve of first lady Michelle Obama, and it’s safe to say she and her husband will be missed in many parts of the country once the time comes to usher in President Clinton II or President Trump.

Michelle’s recent appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert sent hearts aflutter following an impeccable impersonation of her husband Barack Obama that quickly went viral once it hit the internet. It was just a reminder of the time that’s passed since we first elected the young, city-slicking former law professor while waving “adios” to an outgoing Dubya as he returned to his ranch in Texas.

Bush nostalgia never really swept America, and there are many reasons for that. Time will tell if the grace of the Obamas will leave lasting memories of sweetness, and if our new president’s actions will force us to call upon them sooner rather than later.

Either way, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of ten Michelle Obama moments you won’t want to forget.

The introduction to her Let’s Move! campaign

With mounting science pointed toward an obesity epidemic in America, Michelle took it upon herself to champion physical education and healthy eating — and in no effort is it more evident than her “Let’s Move!” campaign, first launched in 2010. From her White House gardening to partnering with organizations to put more nutritious meals in our public schools, you’ve got to respect her effort to turn a crisis into opportunity.

Evolution of ‘mom dancing’

Jimmy Fallon has done an excellent job taking over the Tonight Show during Obama’s two terms, and some of the best highlights of his show have come from appearances by the first family. Helping to highlight her Let’s Move! campaign to wider audiences, Fallon donned a wig, cardigan and mom jeans before a choreographed dance session with Michelle that ended with her doing the Dougie.

Michelle’s sartorial selections


There has been perhaps no more eyes on the fashion of our FLOTUS since Jackie Kennedy graced our national media. Michelle first made headlines after endorsing the more affordable, All-American brand of J. Crew that earned the adoration of Real Simple subscribers everywhere. It doesn’t matter if she dresses down in athleisure, or dresses up in Prabal Gurung. Either way, it sure beats Hillary’s pantsuits.

Her Hollywood appeal


Keeping in tune with her magazine cover fashion appeal, it came as a surprise to everyone — and yet, seemed so fitting — when Michelle became the first first lady to present an Oscar trophy to a winner at the annual red carpet event. The year was 2013, the award went to “Argo,” and unless Bill Clinton brushes up on his saxophone playing skills, it might be a while before we see another first mate grace our awards galas.

Her campaign speeches

Michelle has delivered emphatic campaign speeches that in both style and substance have appeared to, at times, even match that of her husband’s. They emphasized issues central to not just most women, but most Americans, and in divisive elections have stood the test of time as unifying and as a voice of reason.