Along with Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas was tapped for Senate confirmation on Friday by Trump’s transition team. He is to serve ass the C.I.A. Director if confirmed.

Pompeo was elected amidst the Tea Party uprisings of 2010, and has been critical of President Obama throughout his five years of public service. “He has served our country with honor and spent his life fighting for the security of our citizens,” Trump said on Friday.

A top West Point graduate and Harvard Law alumnus, Pompeo is highly regarded by his fellow Republicans after serving in the Army and pursuing his own business career.

Here are five things to know about Pompeo for those unfamiliar:

He’s well educated and experienced in law

Pompeo graduated first in his class at West Point in 1986, and was proud to serve as a cavalry officer in Germany as the Berlin Wall came down.

Following his time in the military, he entered Harvard Law where he received his juris doctorate. That allowed him to work in private law, for the firm Williams & Connelly in Washington, D.C. where he worked on tax litigation. At one point, according to, he tried to help a group in Arkansas set term limits for congressional members.

Following that experience, he relocated to Kansas where he co-founded an aerospace company.

He opposed Hillary Clinton’s conduct during the Benghazi episode

As part of the House Benghazi committee, Pompeo was responsible for the investigation over Clinton’s purported inaction when the deaths of Americans at the consulate in Benghazi became politicized in 2012.

According to the New York Times, he co-authored a 48 page report that found the State Department was “seemingly more concerned with politics and Secretary Clinton’s legacy than with protecting its people in Benghazi.”

Following Trump’s announcement nominating him to the  CIA’s top brass,  Rep. Adam B. Schiff of California, a Democrat offered Pompeo rare bi-partisan support.

“While we have had our share of strong differences — principally on the politicization of the tragedy in Benghazi — I know that he is someone who is willing to listen and engage, both key qualities in a CIA director,” he said.

He supports the NSA’s sweeping government surveillance

Pompeo has praised the efforts of the NSA, even after whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed unwarranted snooping on American citizens had become a vast and complex arrangement finalized in a secret court.

He has called for Snowden to be returned to the U.S. and sentenced to death, and would like to see the metadata collection resumed at the highest levels.

“Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all metadata, and combining it with publicly available financial and lifestyle information into a comprehensive, searchable database,” he said back in February.

The Koch brothers helped him into office

According to Open Secrets, the oil and gas giant Koch Industries helped bankroll his first congressional campaign to the tune of $80,000 at the height of the Tea Party movement. Then in 2012, he received $110,000 and $114,400 in 2014 from the Koch brothers.

Following his election, Pompeo decried President Obama’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and called the president’s policies  “damaging” and “radical.”

He introduced the the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, hoping to speed up the process required to get pipelines built. The bill was passed in the House but the Senate refused to put it up for a vote.

He took a hardline stance against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Like many Republicans, Pompeo was highly critical of John Kerry’s deal with the Iranians, warning that it would lead to nuclear capability within the historically anti-U.S. country.

“Every year since 1984,” he wrote in an op-ed, “the U.S. State Department has designated Iran a state sponsor of terrorism, a finding the Department renewed again last month.”

“Yet the Obama administration still holds out that its political commitment, drafted by a few bureaucrats committed to getting a deal at any cost, can change decades of Iran’s entrenched and militant commitment to ‘death to America.”’

President-elect Trump has promised to re-negotiate the deal, warning of a potential “nuclear holocaust.”