Japan Life and MP Acquired! What’s Next?

After four years, my side hustle turned small business turned globally recognized brand, Monthly Puroresu, has been acquired – freeing me up to pursue other interests. And, boy have I […]

Thom Fain, Japanese Wrestling Commentator Demo Reel

Throughout an incredibly busy 2023, one of many jobs I worked was as a wrestling commentator. I was lucky enough to be paired up with ex WWE play-by-play man Jonny […]

More print journalism? Yes. On AI and Cybersecurity this time

As if everything else I produced in 2023 weren’t enough to satisfy my endless curiosity, I followed updates in the AI space rabidly, with surefire social ramifications set to come […]

MP #12, Massive Brand Update, Commentary + Video Game Copywriting!

Producing MP Issue #12, our thirteenth print edition, was an extremely challenging period for me and the team over at Monthly Puroresu. We lost some longstanding team members, and I […]

Color Commentary Debut & Another Trip to Tokyo

In addition to publishing Monthly Puroresu Issue #11 (ft. queen of joshi wrestlers KAIRI on the cover and an exclusive interview with WWE hall of famer Madusa), I flew back to […]

First trip to Tokyo & FiteTV on-air personality

As my staff at Monthly Puroresu bats around new ideas for Issue #11 to kick off our third year in print, I had the amazing opportunity in mid-January to work […]

Monthly Puroresu Issues #9 & 10 – Wooo

Konbawa! As I cap off 2022 – making travel arrangements, to meet with President Takami Ohbari after he offered a personal invitation to visit New Japan Pro-Wrestling in Tokyo – […]

Monthly Puroresu Issue #8

Celebrating two full years! Halfway through 2022 and the magazine + media brand I founded, Monthly Puroresu, has experienced a ton of growth. One of the top promotions in Japan, […]

Monthly Puroresu Issue #7

A Drink for the Writing Man Monthly Puroresu Issue 7 clocked in at 32 pages, coming together much more quickly this time. A big reason for it? I’ve got a […]

Monthly Puroresu Issue #6

A few incredible things happened with the release of my newest magazine, MONTHLY PURORESU: Tournament Edition. First my team was blessed with an insider look at the making of championship […]